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FAQ’s for Solar Installers

1. Who, within your company, is actually doing the design of your PV systems?

Our designers are all NABCEP*-certified, and all design and engineering is completed under the oversight of our licensed Professional Engineer, Paul Hartley. Engineering services are offered through our design group, "Dayspring Engineering, LLC"

2. How is Dayspring different than the many other companies out there that deliver solar permit plans?

Our staff are U.S. citizens, and and we support the Installers who work in the mid-Atlantic region. We will collaborate with you, so you receive exactly what you need to move your project forward. We will never try to sell you pre-packaged services that go beyond what you need. We are close enough to your projects that, in many cases, we can visit your site if needed.

3. What makes Dayspring qualified to engineer Solar PV Systems?

Paul and his team of designers have engineered or reviewed hundreds of PV systems over the last 12 years, and have been “on the roof” either installing or inspecting dozens of systems. Our staff are all certified by NABCEP* as PV Installation Professionals, so, we understand how to engineer a system that will be well-built and will perform efficiently. (*North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners)

4. Are you available to help with questions or issues as they come up?

Absolutely. Your projects become our projects. We will speak with your client, AHJ, Inspector, or other Engineer to keep your project moving forward.

5. We already have staff that can do a lot of the design work. Will you work with us to support our in-house design efforts, where needed?

Yes. We will support your team with whatever is needed. We can provide training or consultation in technical areas…even if it works us out of a job.

6. Do you offer fixed pricing?

Yes. Once we’ve discussed exactly what you need, we will provide a pricing schedule so you will know what your engineering costs will be.

FAQ’s for Homeowners

1. Does Dayspring install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems?

Yes, we complete a limited number of installations each year. If we can not service you directly, we can point you towards some quality Solar PV installation Companies that we collaborate with. Give us a call to talk about your solar goals.

2. Can you recommend a Solar PV Installation Company?

Yes, in the PA, NJ, MD region we can identify Solar Installation companies that we would recommend to you.

3. I am evaluating several Solar Installation companies. Do you have any recommended questions to ask to help identify the better companies?

Yes. Look on the “For Homeowner” section of the website for a list of "10 Questions to ask potential Solar Installers."

4. I have quotes from several Solar Installers. Can you help me evaluate them?

Yes. For a small fee, we will review your proposals and conference with you to evaluate the options and guide you towards a decision.

5. Will a "grid-tied" solar system provide power to my home when the grid goes down?

No. A "grid-tied-only" PV system is designed (per Code) to shut down immediately if the Utility grid goes down. Only with a "battery backup" can your solar array be utilized during an outage. Look at the “Homeowner Resources” section of the website for the “Solar PV 101" guide for more information on how PV systems work.

6. I already have a grid-tied solar array on my house, but it has no batteries. Do you add battery-backup to existing systems?

Yes, we will evaluate your current system, and if it has the capacity, we can design and install a battery backup system for you.